A lineal descendant of Captain Robert Ferguson (1719-1799) the older brother of the great Scottish Enlightenment Philosopher and historian Adam Ferguson (1723-1816); the friend of Hume, Gibbon and Adam Smith. Also related to the great feminist author and playwright Rachel Ferguson. Has written extensively on a vast range of subjects, been published in print as a book author and in various journals and magazines into the bargain. Early work as an underground film maker on the early Goa Trance and radical anti-CJB political scene in the 1990s has since become more refined and ambitious and has since been a regular contributor to such high profile events as the Portobello Film Festival Annual Film Maker’s Convention…..

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  1. Psychics says:

    Hi there Ian Scott here love your work ! Have put a follow on link for you on our links page http://thriveonnews.com/archives/links-page/ Take Care Love and Light

  2. Hello Captain, I was wondering if you would like to write a guest post article for thrive on news something with the ogham involved. I can give you a link back to your site for you and have a author bio at bottom of article, Let me know if you’re interested. Ian Scott

    • I am certainly interested Ian, but owing to the fact that I was about to move house when you posted this, and have just moved at the point of getting back to you, my life is somewhat chaotic at the minute. Will try and get back to you in more detail in the run up to, and directly after, Solstice.

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