Occupy Stonehenge on Facebook

The Occupy Stonehenge Facebook Group is for everyone who is interested in Stonehenge. Its history. Its origin. Its archaeology. Its cultural significance. Indeed, anything to do with Stonehenge is relevant here. Those of us who know me from a variety of different Stonehenge related groups will know that my postings always generate a positive response from viewers and that I have no on going disputes, either past or present, with anyone in any of those groups. Essentially, all of us want access to the Stones and although not all of us can agree about how that access should be effected, we can all share in a mutual desire to Occupy Stonehenge, even if it is only in Spirit!!

In response to an excellent post by Andraste Herewig shortly after joining the group, as to why set up a group called ‘Occupy Stonehenge’ in the first place, I will say the following. As we all know, in ancient times, before the coming of the Romans, the Ancient Celts and their predecessors, who actively worshiped at Stonehenge, practiced what is generally described by scholars and historians as a primitive form of democracy. Julius Caesar even goes as far as to refer to this system in his writings; which adds further credence to what is generally said about it by more modern commentators.

The influence of these ancient rites of Free Speech, Assembly, Worship and the choosing of leaders, was to filter down into the so called Molmutine Laws of the Ancient Welsh, the Laws of Winchester of the Kings of Wessex, and the Magna Carta: as well as influencing the Digger and the Leveller Movements of the Seventeenth Century. Modern Druidism as we know it was founded during the Enlightenment by some who shared the Revolutionary ideals of Voltaire and Rousseau, but who in many cases were also aware of the existence of this ancient system of laws. Ideas in turn which were to influence the ‘Sixties Generation, many of those originally involved in the Stonehenge People’s Free Festival Movement, and many of those involved in Occupy London. In particular those involved in the setting up of the Occupy Encampment around St. Paul’s Cathedral.

The Occupy Stonehenge Facebook Group is intended to bring all of these ideas and influences together under one roof through the context of their particular relevance to Stonehenge, as well as being a forum for the sharing of information about Stonehenge and related, particularly Pagan, issues. It should be worth noting here that many of the most ancient surviving Druidic writings that have come down to us are genealogical and legal tracts. Documents that are every bit as important in relation to the reinvocation of Ancient Pagan Rites, as the myths, legends and related stories that have exerted such an influence upon Druidic Revivalists generally. It is these writings that provide the bridge if you like between the Pagan and Occupy Movements as we know them.

To join Occupy Stonehenge on Facebook, click here:





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